Venue Information

Water Conservation

Due to the Level 2 water restrictions in Sydney, we have the following water conservation practices in place:

  • Our hand-soaps are a foam rather than liquid, which means lower chemical usage per wash and lower water usage given there is no need to lather.
  • Cleaning staff have reduced the use of pressured water hoses to wash hard floor surfaces and instead use appropriate machines and equipment . ‘iMop’ machines used across the venues are a more effective and water-efficient method than the traditional mop and bucket. iMop’s ‘fluid control technologies’ maximise every ounce of water and cleaning solution, meaning less water.
  • The irrigation system used for watering purposes for the Venues grounds is operating at a reduced frequency (evening and early morning) and wetting agents are routinely supplemented to the soft play soil.
  • Majority of urinals throughout the venues work off sensor flush systems.
  • A number of toilets throughout the venues are on a dual flush system to minimise water consumption.
  • Shower heads at select venues are low flow pressure.
  • Many of the hand basins have lever action flick mixers.
  • A small number of toilets have low water output dual flush systems.
  • Mopping and occasional hosing of flooring to maintain food safety regulation compliance minimises water in our catering outlets and dishwasher usage is restricted to full loads.

Sustainability is one of the key priorities of Sydney Olympic Park Authority and the changes to water usage will be reviewed over the coming months to ensure water is being managed appropriately.